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Textilemart, Inc. provides wholesale linen products to the entire club industry including golf and country clubs, tennis & Racquet clubs, gyms, healthcare clubs, and dining clubs. We will work closely with the management of your facility to supply products that best suit your particular needs and budget.

• Designed tobe stronger and feel more like cloth then other disposables.
• Full line of Pooltowels, Locker Room Towels, Workout Room Towels, Tennis Towels, Restroom Towels, and Golf towels.
• Our towels are made from 86% Cotton and 14% Polyester as well as 100% Cotton and we recommand the supply as per your business requirement.
• FaceTowels and Handtowels including general purpose and low lint towels for food service.
• Extra White & Bright with the Quality of Strength and Affordability specially its easy to wash & Laundry and has Great value for Money.

Description Size Weight Packing
 Hand towels 16″ x 27 “ 03 lbs/dz 25 dozen per bale
 Bath towels 22″ x 44″ 6 lbs/dz 10 dozen per bale
 Bath towels 24″ x 48″ 8 lbs/dz 10 dozen per bale
 Bath towels 24″ x 50″ 10 lbs/dz 6 dozen per bale
 Bath towels 27″ x 54″ 10 lbs/dz 10 dozen per bale
 Saloon towels 16″ x 27″ 3 lbs/dz 10 dozen per carton


*Saloon Towels are available in black & Brown Color

*we have in 100% cotton and 86/14 both.