Hospitality,hotel and restaurant towels and linen

Offers a wide range of properties in the hospitality industry including hotels, motels, resorts, extended stay, cruise ships, spas, Bed and Bath, and restaurants over the years.
Businesses needing new Towels and Tubmats for an upcoming New Branch, TEXTILEMART meets the varying needs of our hospitality customers.

• Wide range of room towels from the most economical to most Luxurious.
• 100% Satisfied Customers In our Range of Towelling products.
• Absorbant and Durable with the softer feel effect after every wash.
• Easy to Laundry and Very Low Lint is our main speciality of towels / linen.
• From Facewashers to Pool towels and From Bathmats to Changing Robes All White Range with our Registered Trademark ” Whitegold ” Supereme.

Look to TEXTILEMART, INC. to get the Tested and Certified Quality, made with the Standard Inspection.

Description Size Weight Packing
 Face towels 12 ” x 12 “ 01  lbs/dz 60 dozen per bale
 Hand towels 15″ x 15 “ 1.5 lbs/dz 50 dozen per bale
 Hand towels 16″ x 27 “ 03 lbs/dz 25 dozen per bale
 Bath towels 22″ x 44″ 6 lbs/dz 10 dozen per bale
 Bath towels 24″ x 48″ 8 lbs/dz 10 dozen per bale
 Bath towels 24″ x 50″ 10 lbs/dz 6 dozen per bale
 Bath towels 27″ x 54″ 10 lbs/dz 10 dozen per bale
 Waffel Bathrobes Unisex 280gsm 22 pcs/carton


*we have in 100% cotton and 86/14 both.